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How Marriage Differs From A Civil Partnership

How marriage differs from a civil partnership

Celebrated by many same sex couples throughout the UK, a civil partnership offers an excellent alternative to marriage with the same symbolism and significance of that of a marriage ceremony. Since its implementation in 2004, there have been over 18,000 civil partnerships formed. However, this does beg the question – how does a civil partnership differ from marriage? The Civil Partnership Act Under the civil partnership act, same-sex couples were given the right to form a partnership in the same way that heterosexual couples could through marriage. A civil partnership gives many of the same rights and responsibilities as marriage legally…

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Are Prenuptials Exclusively For Celebrities?

Goodwins Family Law

You may have noticed over the years that an increasing number of celebrities are ensuring that their millions will be safe through signing a pre-nuptial agreement with their husband or wife-to-be. In their case it is entirely understandable, being that many celebrities are vulnerable to ‘gold digging’ behaviour and would like to ensure their assets are firmly in their own hands and not at risk during the course of a divorce, however does this mean that the ordinary couple should forgo this step before marriage? Your Assets If you have any significant assets that you have amassed prior to the marriage…

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Divorce – the repercussions & considerations if children are involved


Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved, and if you are parents, your child or children could be severely affected. It is therefore important to take steps towards helping your children understand and cope throughout this difficult time. The Effects Of Divorce On Children  In a report funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, it was found that children who experienced a divorce without proper support were “consistently associated with psychological distress in adulthood during [their] early 30s.” The report studied children of varying ages and backgrounds, and regardless of these factors it was found that…

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Understanding the rise in global family disputes

Goodwins Family Law

The number of international family legal disputes dealt with in the UK has quadrupled within the last four years. The majority of these cases are attributed to a rise in child abduction, adoption and forced marriage. In addition to this there has been a sharp rise in legal disputes, 40% in 2013, between pare nts living in different countries. Lord Justice Thorpe, who co-wrote an annual report on the subject, states that the number was set to continue to rise due to the “globalisation, increasing movement of persons across borders, and the ever rising number of family units which are truly…

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Piercing the corporate veil: Prest v Petrodel

Piercing the corporate veil: Prest vs Petrodel

Specialist family law firms have recently had cause to celebrate following the landmark ruling achieved during the divorce case, Prest v Petrodel. Mrs Prest filed for divorce in 2008 following a 15 year marriage which produced 4 children. Mr Prest “resisted her claims for ancillary relief” on several grounds, the most significant of which was that he claimed the financial provision she was entitled to wasn’t within his possession. This referred to several properties which were registered as belonging to a number of companies which Mr Prest had founded, and as these companies by law have their own legal personality, Mr…

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Goodwins Family Law Solicitors Welcome Article

What to Look for In a Family Law Practice

Goodwins Family Law Solicitors are delighted to welcome you to our new blog. Here we will provide information and details of any special offers we may have on, internal developments within the firm, analysis of landmark or interesting cases and wider issues in the profession that may impact upon our clients. It will be a space designed to keep our clients informed about our operations, something we believe will have benefits for all. So check back here regularly for further details and updates, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team with any queries you may have.

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