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News: Increase in Divorce Following The Christmas Period

Posted on: 27 January 2014 by Goodwins Family Law Solicitors

Although it may seem like a time for happiness, joy and love, the festive period can provide stumbling blocks for married couples that can often result in divorce. There are a number of factors that can lead to this unfortunate result, and as the festive season approaches, figures show a spike in the number of divorces and divorce inquiries.


Financial Strain

For many families, Christmas is a time of huge expense, as buying gifts for friends and
family seems to be a never-ending task. Financial strain is one of the leading causes of divorce, as struggling to make ends meet can impact personal relationships and put a great deal of stress on marriages. It is very difficult to avoid large expense at Christmas, whether it’s for gift buying, purchasing food for Christmas dinner, or travelling to see friends or relatives, financial stress is very common for this time of year.


Unusual Amount of Time Together

Another potential factor in divorces over Christmas is the increased time spent together by spouses. Spending time together over Christmas is often one of the main benefits of the festive period, but for some couples spending an extended period of time together can increase frictions and tension. This time spent together is unlikely to be spent alone; the presence of extended family may increase the need for everything to go smoothly, which can increase the stress of the situation, which can in turn increase any tension or animosity between couples.


January Blues


The spike in separation and divorce figures that occur in the New Year could also be down to couples holding out for as long as possible before finally opting for divorce. It is understandable that if someone felt like they wanted a divorce, they might wait until January to avoid upsetting their family during the actual Christmas period.

Conversely, the New Year is the time where the dust starts to settle from the hectic nature of Christmas, where the financial effects start to sink in and work begins again. This can be something of an unwelcome reality check for some couples, which could turn things sour.



Goodwins Family Law Solicitors

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