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Complete legal services for judicial, formal and informal separations, helping you achieve the fairest possible outcome

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There are three types of separation that couples can undergo: informal separation, formal separation and judicial separation. At Goodwins Family Law Solicitors, we offer our services for all of the above types of separation, ensuring that you get the help you need for your matrimonial issues.

Formal Separation

Unlike an informal separation, this is a legally binding agreement. This document outlines any financial responsibilities required of either party and is often used as an alternative to divorce if a couple do not wish to formally divorce. These agreements can also deal with responsibilities such as child custody and living arrangements are clearly outlined.

Informal separation

This type of separation is for couples who want to live separately but do not want to have to go through a formal separation process. Many couples often use this to test out what living separately would be like before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the full formal separation.

Informal separations do not require involvement from the court, which means that legal expenses are reduced and the risk of protracted, stressful court proceedings is eliminated. However, informal separation does not give you the same legal rights as couples who have undergone a formal or judicial separation.

Judicial separation

This form of separation is similar to divorce, with the exception that the marriage is not legally dissolved. This is often used by couples who do not, or cannot, enter divorce proceedings due to religious or cultural reasons.

At Goodwins Family Law Solicitors, we understand that every situation is different – what may work for one client may not meet the needs for another. That is why we offer sensitive, realistic and honest advice that is designed to ensure mutually satisfactory outcomes for all parties. If you are considering divorce or separation, our experts will discuss your needs with you thoroughly to allow us to help you decide on the best course of action for you.

From the moment you contact us to the conclusion of your proceedings, you will be in the best possible hands. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us today – we are based in Harrow, serving the whole of London and the UK.

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