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How long does the divorce process take in England? Can I have a quick divorce?

There is no set time that a divorce process will last for – it is entirely dependent on your situation and the facets of your dispute. A trained solicitor will be able to assess your situation and give you appropriate advice on what to expect, so it is important that you seek legal expertise before entering into divorce proceedings.

A Decree Nisi, which is a legal order stating the date that the marriage will end, can be obtained after an average period of four to five months, although it could be much shorter or longer. A Decree Absolute, which is a document declaring the end of the marriage, is received six weeks after the date of the Decree Nisi.

The court and your ex-partner’s response times to your divorce petition, and the responses themselves, can delay the process, as can mitigating factors like financial disputes or disputes about child custody and maintenance.