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FAQ: Is it possible to maintain a friendly relationship with my ex after we divorce?

Divorce can be a stressful and drawn-out process, but it is entirely possible for you to maintain a friendly relationship after a divorce. Whether this happens predominantly depends on your circumstances, the reasons for your divorce, your plans for the future and whether or not children are involved in proceedings.

It could be that, for a couple without children, a clean split with zero future contact is preferred. Although, some couples may wish to remain friends, coming to the conclusion that marriage just isn’t right for them. In the end, it’s up to you and your spouse – you both know how you feel about each other, and whilst you may not be on speaking times during or straight after the divorce, it could be possible that you resume a friendly relationship some time after the divorce is finalised.

For couples with a child or children, we always recommend trying to maintain a friendly relationship after the marriage is dissolved in order to make the process easier for them. It’s likely that there will be visitation, support and maintenance agreements in place, which means future contact is inevitable between you and your ex.

When a child is involved, it should be their welfare which is most important. Usually, this means working towards an amicable relationship in order to reduce stress for you, your spouse and, most importantly, your child/children.


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