UAE, Saudi Arabia & Persian Gulf Divorce

The differing judicial systems that exist in these regions means that it can be complicated trying to navigate them without falling foul of the varying laws and regulations.

In UAE, Saudi Arabian and Persian divorce law, religious factors often have a bearing on proceedings and this can complicate matters - that is why you need experts on hand to help you get through divorce proceedings quickly, properly and with minimal unnecessary stress.

At Goodwins Family Law Solicitors, we deal with all aspects of family law in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf region from our offices in London, including divorce, child custody & financial settlements. We also have vast experience in representing high net worth individuals with complex international cases which require swift and timely action to secure the best outcome for our clients.

We can work with couples who are based in the UK but married in the UAE, Saudi or Persian regions, or those who live outside of the UK but are connected to England or Wales.

If you are based overseas, we offer a Skype service with our solicitors for your initial fixed fee consultation and throughout your proceedings.

We are one of London’s leading firms of international divorce lawyers, and our experience and skill can help you to achieve a satisfactory outcome from your proceedings.

If you would like to know more about our services for Saudi, Persian or UAE divorce law, please feel free to get in touch today.

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