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Islamic marriages can be valid in the UK if they take place in a country that they are also valid in. If the country of marriage does not validate Islamic marriage, then the it may not be considered legally binding, so divorce processes are not required.

If the couple have also married legally in the UK as well as under Islamic law, then divorce proceedings are required to dissolve the marriage. This legal requirement also stands if the couple has obtained a Shariah divorce.

How can Goodwins help you?

At Goodwins Family Law Solcitors, we are experts in this field and associated family law services, such as child custody. Our fully trained team of solicitors will offer clients tailored advice regarding the various legal facets and stipulations relating to Islamic divorce.

We have an excellent client satisfaction rate, offer a competitive fee structure and work with a wide range of clients in the UK and across the world. This includes high net worth individuals with global assets and complexities surrounding their case.

During the initial fixed fee consultation, we will discuss your situation with you to gain a full understanding, which allows us to use our knowledge to provide advice and assistance as to how to proceed through the process.

Our aim is to reduce the stress and emotional toll of the divorce process and as such, we will work hard to ensure that this objective is achieved in addition to a positive outcome in the proceedings.

If you are looking for more information regarding the specifics of Islamic divorce, or you would like to use our skills and services to help with your divorce process, get in touch with the team at our office in Harrow, London. Our offices are easily accessible from Harrow on the Hill station and local bus routes, we also have a number parking spaces available.

You can also contact us from anywhere in the world through our dedicated Skype Service.

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