Cohabitation Disputes

If you share a property with your partner, and that property is owned under both your names, then you may be entitled to half of the property, regardless of how much you invested in it. If you and your partner signed an agreement beforehand, however, then you will usually be entitled to the amount that is in the agreement.

Cohabitation disputes often arise where there is no cohabitation agreement to refer to in the event of a relationship breaking down. If there is no agreement, then a court application may be required in order to resolve the dispute.

At Goodwins, we understand the stress that can be caused by these disputes, and we will work hard to resolve any issues efficiently and fairly, ensuring you and your children can continue with your lives with the least disruption possible.

As expert cohabitation solicitors, we can also help you devise a cohabitation agreement that is clearly defined and helps you and your partner fully understand what happens to your property as a result of any future separation. If you would like to know more, contact our Harrow office today and see how we can help you. We serve London and the South East with a caring, clear and professional manner, so we are the perfect choice for help with your cohabitation situation.